Kadira - Performance Monitoring for Meteor (you should try this)

We launched Kadira: Performance Monitoring for Meteor

It’s June 2nd. As promised, today we have launched our performance monitoring service for Meteor – Kadira.

It was previously known as Meteor APM.

Just like Meteor, Kadira is not like other monitoring services. We built it from the ground up to show you what’s really happening in your Meteor app in near real-time. Based on those metrics, we will help you optimize your app and stay out of trouble.

Without further ado, connect your Meteor app with Kadira.

Kadira Dashboard

I am also available on the Meteor IRC Channel. Come and ask me anything :)

Note for our early users

Thank you for helping us find issues and trusting us to use kadira with your production apps. You do not need to sign up again. Simply use kadira atmosphere package instead of apm. You can use existing appId and appSecret.

Use the new Kadira dashboard instead of the old one. Again, you can use existing username and password.