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These Days at MDG, Subscriptions Manager, Meteor 0.8.2 RC and More

These Days at MDG

Last Week’s Meteor Podcast is a special edition featuring Meteor’s Ekate and Avital. They were talking about what they are doing these days at Meteor and what are things which will be coming soon. Here are the some of thing they have talked.

Listen to the podcast. It’s short but sweet.

Subscription Manager

Last week arunoda has released a production ready version of the Subscriptions Manager. Earlier it was tightly coupled with iron router, but now it’s a standalone package and it can be used it with any Meteor app.

With Subscription Manager, you could save a lot of server resources while improving the user experience at the same time. Click here to learn more about Subscription Manager.

Meteor 0.8.2 RC

Meteor is working on the next release 0.8.2. Now you can try out a release candidate(RC) with your app. One of the important change comes with this release it the underline authentication system.

Meteor has been used SRP based authentication system for a long time. Now with this release Meteor is using popular bcrypt algorithm instead of SRP. Beside that, there are several changes to blaze and some of the bug fixes will come with this release.

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