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Recent Changes on The Meteor Roadmap

This is not an official Meteor announcement, but a close look at the recent changes on the Meteor Roadmap on Trello.

If you follow the Meteor Roadmap on Trello, you might have seen some notable changes today. Some of the major features like Testing, Windows and notably Galaxy has been moved to Under Consideration for 1.1+.

Now, most of the Meteor Core team is assigned to Atmosphere Integration. That is the major feature Meteor has left to do in it’s roadmap to Meteor 1.0. After that we can expect to see Meteor 1.0, specially without Galaxy. I assume, it will be released around end of the April or may be sometimes around May.

Previously, In the description of Galaxy, it was about an alpha version. But now, it has been changed to General Availability. So we can expect a stable version of Galaxy when it will be released.

Checkout the all recent changes on Trello

Recent Changes to Meteor Roadmap