Kadira - Performance Monitoring for Meteor (you should try this)

Postponing NodeJS Internals Lessons on BulletProof Meteor

When we are planning lessons for BulletProof Meteor, we’ve added a set of lessons on NodeJS Internals. But, we couldn’t deliver them as we promised. But instead we’ve added some other lessons about Docker and Elastic Search.

Today, we decided to postpone working on the NodeJS Internals lessons. We are not removing those lessons, but we promise to finish them before end of this year. Here are the reasons for that:

We are Too Busy

In the last few months, we’ve started a bunch of new projects to improve how we build Meteor apps. Flow, Cluster and MeteorD are some of those projects. We’ve a lot of these kinds of projects in the pipeline as well.

We think it’s a good idea to work on these projects since they will help the Meteor community in general. As result of that, we were becoming too busy.

NodeJS Performance Monitoring Tools are Getting Changed

Most of the NodeJS performance monitoring tools are available for Solaris and Joyent’s Smart OS. But, most of us use Linux to deploy our Meteor apps. There are some tools exists for Linux, but they are hard to use and not mature.

With the IO.js, things started to getting changed. There’s a seperate working group looking at possibilities to improve the support for tracing and tools landscape. But, those are not currently ready yet.

Due to both of these two reasons, we’ll postpone working on NodeJS Internals lessons. But we promise to finish them before end of this year.