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NPM Meteor Integration is Back for Meteor 0.6.5

A few months ago, I introduced a small hack which allows you to use any NPM module with your Meteor app. It’s distributed as a smart-package via Atmosphere.

Unfortunately, if you’ve upgraded your app to meteor 0.6.5, you might have noticed that npm smart-package does not work anymore. Let me explain why it doesn’t work, in a few minutes.

Fortunately, I tricked Meteor again and here comes the meteor-npm version 0.2.0

Just update your project with mrt update and things should work, as it was earlier.

Now, things have gotten even better!

If you are working with multiple Meteor apps and use this NPM integration, you might have seen that when switching projects, Meteor will re-install all the NPM modules. That’s a bit of a headache.

If you are not a fan of meteorite(I really don’t know why!) you couldn’t have used this hack too.

Because of these reasons, I’ve worked on a new distribution channel via NPM, which fixes the above issues.

Let’s see how to use it.

  • First you need to remove npm smart-package if you’ve used it
  • mrt remove npm
  • Install this tool via npm (you’ve to do this once)
  • sudo npm install -g meteor-npm
  • Then run meteor-npm tool inside your project

That’s it :)

Now you can declare NPM modules in packages.json as you did previously. This works with meteor run, meteor deploy and meteor bundle too. Should work with demeteorizer as well.

Server side API is also the same.

You need to add packages/npm to the version control, otherwise you’ve do the above process again after a checkout and re-declare modules in packages.json

Why NPM failed with 0.6.5

This is how older npm smart-package worked.

  • When the package loads, it looks for packages.json in your project root and load all the NPM modules declared.
  • So, if you’ve made any changes to packages.json(or any other file), all the packages get reloaded(including npm).
  • Then your, newly re-declared NPM modules will get loaded

But in 0.6.5, Meteor got lot better. It only reloads a package if any file (tracked with api.add_files) in the package gets changed.

Since ./packages.json is not a part of the npm package, it doesn’t get reloaded. Hence, newly declared NPM modules will not be loaded.

The Fix

This single line fixes the issue. :)

api.add_files(['index.js', '../../packages.json'], 'server');

I had to do few other changes to get this works perfectly across all the meteor versions. See how I did them.

Hope you guys love this fix. And you can upgrade to 0.6.5 today :)

Thank You, Aloka Gunasekara for editing the article.