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MeteorHacks Show - Docker & Meteor feat. Justin from MDG

Docker is making the history with a lot of tooling and innovations around it. If you are new to Docker, it’s a way to run application with isolation from each other. It’s also a portable way to distribute apps and services. I’ve written an article on Docker and have a look at it.

So in the next episode of MeteorHacks Show, we will talk about Docker and how we can relate it with Meteor.

Justin from MDG will join with us

Justin works on Galaxy at MDG and he has done a lot of experiments and research with Docker. So, he’s an ideal person for a discussion like this. He’ll be joining with us and he’ll share his views on Docker and how they use Docker at MDG.

We are going live on 6th May at 9 AM PDT.

Click here to register with the Webinar and I bet this will be something awesome.