Kadira - Performance Monitoring for Meteor (you should try this)

MeteorHacks Show Feb 2015 - Scaling Meteor and Microservices

This time we are talking about Scaling Meteor and Microservices. For scaling, we will talk about what are the concepts and tools we can use to scale Meteor. We’ve also built a new scaling solution called cluster and we will show you how it can be used to scale Meteor apps.

And then, we’ll talk about Microservices. It’s the buzz word these days and everyone trying to architect their apps as Microservices. The good news is, Meteor and DDP is a perfect match for Microservices. With that, we can scale our apps in a different way.

Let’s meet on February 2 and 9 AM PST with the show.

Click the following link to register with the Hangout.