Kadira - Performance Monitoring for Meteor (you should try this)

MeteorHacks is Ready for 2014 with a Big Announcement

2013 was a great year for me. I had a lot of fun with Meteor and MeteorHacks. I hope you also enjoyed the articles and hacks behind MeteorHacks. A lot of people helped me with editing the articles and fixing bugs – thank you very much.

Actually, I was not a Meteor fan earlier, but one of my clients Tom Murphy forced me to learn about Meteor and I should send him a letter of thanks. DiscoverMeteor was released on the very same day as I started learning Meteor; without it I would have given up studying Meteor. I would also like to thank all of you who have been reading, commenting on and trying out my hacks. Without an audience like you, I’m nothing.

Finally, we all should thank Meteor for building such a great framework.

My first Meteor hack was meteor-cluster. It is a Redis based Meteor scaling solution: it was the only hope back then. Then I started MeteorHacks (the blog), giving a proper introduction to meteor-cluster and what it does behind the scenes. Since then I’ve been hacking Meteor like crazy.

Smart Collections

I was not happy with how Meteor dealt with MongoDB. After a little study I saw there were some places where it could be improved. That was the birth of Smart Collections and the Oplog integration into Meteor. Now its core concept is in the Meteor core. Together, we showed that Oplog integration is ideal for Meteor (Meteor had earlier planned to build a MongoDB proxy layer to scale Meteor, but the Oplog approach is much simpler and proven).

It’s Time Now

Meteor is working very hard to stabilize Meteor and make it ready for 1.0. That’s really nice and they are really good at it. I also hope they are cooking Galaxy and preparing it to blow our minds :)

Also, I have the blueprints for many new ways to improve Meteor in my mind. These may be on Meteor’s roadmap or be completely crazy. I want to jump in and start working on them.

Today, January 1 2014, MeteorHacks will be rebranded as the Unofficial Meteor Research Lab. I’ll be working on core Meteor improvements with help from the community and Pahan. We’ve already started working on a few projects and I’ll be announcing them in upcoming weeks.

So, what do you think?

It is a very long journey, and I hope together we can improve Meteor and make it super awesome. I am always open to new options, and you have shown me many new paths. I really want to know how you feel about the new MeteorHacks.