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The MeteorHacks Show, Meteor Sharding and More

The MeteorHacks Show

I have decided to do a Monthly webinar series showcasing some of the development & hacks at MeteorHacks. We had our first webinar yesterday and it was a success with over 50 live attendees. I mainly talked about FastRender and Subscription Optimization. Live Record and slides of the webinar will be available within this week.

Meteor Sharding - A newer way to scale meteor

Oplog integration is the meteor’s main approach for scaling at the moment. But in this case, we are backed by a single MongoDB server. (okay, we can do sharding). But there is a new approach for scaling discussed in the meteor-core mailing list. With that, you could be able to connect to a different DDP servers depending on the some logic in the client side. There is much work needs to be done, but preliminary work has been implemented.

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