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SQL Support, Giteor, New Pull Request Guideline and More

SQL Support

Although that being said, you can’t expect to see this in 1.0. But some version after that. See more.

SQL Support is the one of the most requested features in the Meteor Roadmap. Meteor seems to be considering to implement it sooner than planned.

Giteor - GIt Based Meteor Deployments

Giteor is a very interesting git based deployment solution for apps hosted on Just push a new commit, giteor will take care of the deployments.

New Pull Request Guideline

Matt, announced a new Pull Request(PR) Guideline for Meteor. So this is how it works.

  • Always try to build Smart Packages and push to Atmosphere
  • If the PR contains a breaking change(code or docs), you should think twice
  • We are focusing more on Packaging, Scaling, and Meteor UI; So others will have less priority
  • If you still looking for a PR, Start a discussion in meteor-core

Encrypting OAuth Tokens

There was a request for encrypting OAuth Tokens and store them in the db. Due the complexity, this won’t be happening sooner. But there is an open proposal on hackpad.

Other Announcements

Minimalistic Meteor Core

Meteor is considering a minimalistic Meteor Core and move some of the core packages into Atmosphere. You can find hints for this in following discussions

New Atmosphere Updates

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