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Meteor UI, NodeJS Security Fix, Packaged Apps and More

Meteor UI - Preview Release

Meteor UI is the upcoming rendering engine for Meteor which is supposed to be released with Meteor 1.0 early next year. Now you can try out the preview version of Meteor UI. It is not production ready yet, but you can get your hands dirty with it.

NodeJS Security Fix

NodeJS released a major security fix last week. It was a fix to prevent DOS attacks when you are serving HTTP with NodeJS. So this affects most of the NodeJS apps including Meteor. Meteor’s plan to release a new version ( with the fix by this week.

It does not allow an attacker to do anything unauthorized or read any privileged data, it only allows a malicious person to force your server to allocate lots of memory.
- Nick Martin, Meteor Core Team

Meteor and Packaged Apps

Meteor is not limited to the web. You can build mobile apps and browser extensions with meteor. There is a very impressive discussion on how to work with packaged apps with Meteor. You can find a tool called packmeteor in the discussion, which allows you to automatically bundle your Meteor app for chrome (as a chrome packaged app) and for cordova/phonegap.

Settings.json Usage

Settings.json is Meteor’s way of exposing settings and configurations to the app. This is still an experiment API and we can see a better configuration handling API near future, probably with 1.0

There is a very nice discussion on how people are using settings.json with their apps. See how you can use settings.json with your app.

Iron Router Progress Bar

There is a very nice progress bar implementation for Iron Router which mimics nprogress. Of course you can directly use nprogress with meteor, but this is a deeply integrated version into iron router

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