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Meteor Testing Hangout, We Work Meteor, Blaze with Rendered & More

Meteor Testing Hangout

Last Week, community members who’ve created Testing Frameworks for Meteor met in a Google Hangout an discussed about Meteor and Testing. Hangout is hosted by Meteor Boulder and, few other meetups also joined with them.

We Work Meteor

These days, MeteorJS is getting some attraction with the blaze update and the upcoming Meteor 1.0. Because of that, a lot of people interested in developing their apps with Meteor. So if you are looking for a marketplace for Meteor Jobs, We Work Meteor is the answer for you.

Also, keep in touch with @MeteorJobs as well

Blaze with Rendered

Since the release of 0.8, developers has started to port their apps into Blaze. Blaze is all about efficiency, and it runs rendered callback only once. Because of this, developers has faced with some issues when migrating their apps. If you encounter such, these discussions might help you.

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