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Meteor 0.9 RC, New Logo, Underscore in Templates and More

Meteor 0.9 RC

Meteor packaging system is the last major feature before Meteor 1.0. It’s coming with Meteor 0.9. Now we’ve a RC for Meteor 0.9 and it’s time to try your apps and packages with meteor’s new packaging system.

Don’t forget to follow the discussion and share your experience.

Now you might wonder, what will happen to Meteorite. See what Tom Coleman is saying about Meteorite v2.

Are you tired with Meteor’s ultra simple logo? Now we’ve a sneak peak of the new stunning logo.

Underscore in Templates

Now you can use underscore directly inside Blaze templates. It’s a result of a very simple package by Gwendall Esnault. It’s a handy utility.


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