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Meteor 0.8, Devshop March SF, Iron Router 0.7, AtmosphereJS Launch & More

Last week was one of the best weeks for Meteor so far. We had several major releases and the Devshop March SF.

Meteor 0.8 Released

The most anticipated Meteor version, 0.8, is out now. It comes with Meteor’s new UI engine Blaze. Meteor released 0.8 on Devshop SF March (not in the tech talks)

Meteor Devshop March SF

Meteor hosted Devshop SF March on the 27th March & everyone was excited to see the upcoming Meteor packaging system. Here are the tech talks given at the Devshop including Lightning Talks.

Iron Router 0.7.0 Released

Iron Router also released version 0.7.0 with support for the newly released Meteor 0.8. It comes with support for Blaze and everyone is so excited about this release because Meteor 0.8 can’t be used with most of the apps unless Iron Router supports it.

AtmosphereJS Launched

We’ve already experienced the new Atmosphere website. They removed the beta tag last week and launched it officially. You can access it now from

The older UI located at is gone and you’ll be redirected to the new web site.

Unfortunately, Meteor Weekly no longer carries the Featured Atmosphere Packages section from this week. This is due to the fact that new Atmosphere shows only 8 most recent packages at a time. But it lists trending, most used & recent packages; so you could refer them instead.

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