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Meteor 0.8.1, Find-Faster, Velocity and More

Meteor 0.8.1

Meteor 0.8.1 was released with a few important security fixes especially on OAuth and XSS. So, it is wise to upgrade into 0.8.1 as soon as possible. If you are still on 0.7.2 due to blaze migration, use instead.

Meteor released a patched version of 0.8.1 as well (

Find-Faster - Faster & Efficient Implementation of Collection.find()

Find-Faster is the arunoda’s recent hack to speed up MongoDB read operations inside Meteor. If your application has the correct throughput & meet the criteria, you can save a lot of CPU cycles and reduce the latency by simply using find-faster

Read More: Improving Meteor’s MongoDB Read Performance and CPU Usage with Find-Faster

Introducing Velocity

Meteor’s testing landscape is pretty scattered and there are couple of options out their. Every test framework has its own usecases. Velocity is the unification of all these test frameworks.

Velocity is based on RTD but, very easy to use. It allows different testing frameworks to work together and integrating a new test framework is pretty simple. Mocha Web and RTD has been started to port into Velocity and you can try out the very early version from here.

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