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Meteor 0.7.2, Meteor 0.8 RC, Meteor at FluentConf & More

Meteor 0.7.2

As anticipated, Meteor released 0.7.2 last week with better oplog support & login hooks. Co-Founder of Meteor, Matt mentioned 0.7.2 as “completing our work on scaling realtime MongoDB queries”.

Meteor 0.8 RC

Surprisingly, Meteor also announced a release candidate of Meteor 0.8. This release comes with Blaze - the new Meteor UI engine - replacing the old one, Spark. Everyone is so excited about this release and a lot packages are being modified for this release.

Meteor at FluentConf

Two weeks before, Meteor’s Matt and Emily spoke at the FluentConf 2014 and we were waiting for the videos. Now we have a video of an interview of both Matt & Emily where they talk about Meteor in general.

Also, Meteor gets mentioned in another interview of Pete Hunt (React) & Spike Brehm (Rendr).

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