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Meteor 0.7.0, Template Preview 10, Meteorite 0.7.0 and More

Meteor 0.7.0 Released

Meteor version 0.7.0 released last week with a lot of changes. The biggest change is the release of the new Oplog based MongoDB Driver. But there are no any public API changes. > Now we’ve release 0.7.1 as well

Templates Preview 10 Released

Meteor UI’s Template Preview 10 released last week with almost feature complete. #constant and the #markdown are the features still yet to be finished. > Now we’ve release 10.1 as well

Meteorite 0.7.0 and the New Atmosphere Site

Tom Coleman released Meteorite 0.7.0 with improved performance and metrics. Also, he talk about the new atmosphere site and it is available(for sneak peak) on

Meteor 1.0 Artwork

As Meteor 1.0 is scehdule to be release very soon, Meteor is looking for a fresh look for it’s logo and artworks. They are looking for your help.

New and Noteworthy Packages on Atmosphere

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