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Meteor - Love, HeartBleed Bug, Packaging System & More

Meteor - Love is one of the most loved frontend JavaScript framework due to their insane demos. was not available for the public until last week, when they opensourced the project. Meteor developers started to play with and researching on ways to integrate it with Meteor. See following resources to explore with Meteor.

HeartBleed Bug

Meteor does not come with any SSL support by default. So Meteor itself is not vulnerable to the popular HeartBleed bug. However, since you’ll be using some other service or tool to enable SSL for your Meteor app, you might have vulnerable to the bug. So, test your app against the HeartBleed bug and take necessary actions. Read the official Meteor blog.

How Meteor Packaging System Works

In the last Devshop, we’ve seen the Meteor’s upcoming packaging system. But you might have some problems and need more clarifications about it. Follow this meteor-talk thread to learn more about the upcoming packaging system.

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