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Discover Meteor Day, Meteor 0.6.7 RC, Oplog and More

DiscoverMeteor Day

Last Saturday, along with the session at Meteor HQ, Sacha and Tom open up anyone in the world to read DiscoverMeteor online for free.

Meteor 0.6.7 Release Candidate

Meteor 0.6.7 Release Candidate is now available to try out with your app. It comes with a huge list of changes, but it doesn’t have any public API changes. So it won’t break you app. Try out and report bugs.

MongoDB Oplog Production Usage

Will Koffel shared his experience with MongoDB Oplog in production and showed us some pointers for a better Oplog integration.

TernJS and Meteor

Initial discussion on integrating TernJS has started. With TernJS, we can add MeteorJS code-intel support for text editors like vim, emacs and sublime.

New and Noteworthy Packages on Atmosphere

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