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DiscoverMeteor First Anniversary, High CPU Usage, Meteor Expose and More

DiscoverMeteor First Anniversary

DiscoverMeteor has announced a special discounted sale for their first anniversary. You also will be able to win some exciting prizes including an awesome T-Shirt.

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High CPU Usage

If your Meteor app is pretty large, you might be having High CPU issues when you are developing your app. That’s due to issues with the file-watcher which detects the changes of your files.

David Glasser did some initial work with the atom’s file-watcher recently. Now we can think, this issue will get solved near future.

Meteor Expose

Meteor is a great frameworks and works for most of us. Sometimes meteor does things, actually we don’t like to have in our app.

In order to change them, you need to alter some of the Meteor internals specially in livedata and mongo-livedata package. That’s pretty hard since those APIs are private and not generally available.

But now, you can alter most of the livedata and mongo-livedata internals with expose smart package. It expose some of the crucial internal Meteor APIs. With those APIs you can jump start your core Meteor hack.

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