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Meteor Devshop 9, Meteor Marketplace, Meteor UI Update and More

Meteor Devshop 9

We had Meteor Devshop 9 last week. It was packed with very good topics. Here are the topics discussed.

Meteor Marketplace

There was an idea to build a Marketplace for Meteor Components. It got mixed responses. See the following links for the responses.

Meteor UI Preview 2

Now we’ve the template-engine-preview-3 release too.

There is a new update for Meteor UI including support for {{..}} and some bug fixes. You can try it with your app using template-engine-preview-2 release.

DDP authentication via SRP (NodeJS)

Meteor can be accessed from NodeJS with DDP NPM Module. But it lacked SRP based Meteor authentication. There is a very nice attempt which shows you how to authenticate properly with Meteor using NodeJS DDP module.

Templates for Meteor Apps

There are different ways to structure your Meteor app. This discussion talks about a few pre-built templates you can use.

Telescope v0.7 “Iron Scope”

Popular Telescope Meteor App released a new version with support for Iron Router. It is named Iron Scope.

Hacker News for Meteor -

This is the hacker news for Meteor. Use it for sharing your Meteor related links and start discussions.

Meteor Pages

There is no proper way to do pagination with Meteor. Meteor Pages Smart Package will help you to do pagination very easily.

First Meteor RC

Meteor released the first Release Candidate for meteor You can use it with release.

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