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Meteor 0.8.3 RC, Redis Support, Velocity, Recent Telescope Development and More

Meteor 0.8.3 RC

Now we’ve a Meteor 0.8.3 RC to try it out. This release comes with a huge internal blaze refactoring to make blaze simpler and easy to use. Try it with your app and share your experience.

Experimental Redis Support

MongoDB is the only officially supported database for Meteor until this month. Now, Meteor has Redis Support too. This is currently labeled as an experiment, but it works.


Velocity is the official testing framework for Meteor 1.0. Most importantly, this is a community powered project. Currently, velocity is under heavy development. But now you’ve documentation and resources to try velocity with your app.

Recent Telescope Development

Recently, Sacha made some quite impressive changes to Telescope and now it’s much cleaner, modular and works smoothly than before. Read about some of these recent changes.

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