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Meteor RC, ECMASCRIPT 6 Integration, DDP and More

Meteor RC

Update: Meteor is out now

Latest Meteor release is having a session related Memory Leak. If you don’t have much subscription data you might have not noticed the leak.

There is a fix already in the RC but is not yet released. You can update your Meteor app with meteor –release

Meteor and ECMASCRIPT 6

ECMASCRIPT 6 or ES6 is the upcoming major revision to JavaScript. It comes with a number of new features and syntax changes. What’s more, you can use ES6 with your Meteor app very easily. Simply add harmony package to your app, write es6 in files with extension next.js


DDP is the protocol Meteor uses to communicate between the Meteor client and the server. It is a very simple yet efficient protocol for realtime apps. You can learn about DDP with the following MeteorHacks article.

Meteor APM

We are launching Meteor APM on June 2nd. Stay Tuned!

Meteor APM Dashboard

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