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Meteor Phonegap Support, Meteor 0.9.3 RC and More

Meteor PhoneGap Support

Last week Meteor released version 0.9.2 with phonegap/cordova support. That means, now you can build HTML5 mobile apps directly with Meteor targeting both iOS and android. This is not just a simple integration but Meteor comes with a super hot mobile hot code reload support. Cordova support is also deeply integrated into Meteor and now you can use and build packages targeting cordova as well.

Mobile hot code reload is the one of most discussed features since, it helps developers to bypass appStore verification to push new updates. But that also comes with a fear since Apple may withdraw these apps from the appStore.

But luckily, now apple allows developers to update cordova app code without going through the appStore verification.

Make sure to refer the wiki and watch this demo.

Meteor 0.9.3 RC

Now we have another Meteor RC to try out.

Meteor is pushing a new release every week, so it’s very hard to keep up with the recent pace of Meteor’s development :)

This is an update to the core packaging system; specially to it’s versioning system known as the constraint-solver. With this update, developers can publish packages targeting multiple meteor releases and dependency declaration syntax is much flexible than before.

Check this meteor-talk post for more information. Don’t forget to try this RC with your app and send feedback.

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