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Meteor Packaging System, 0.9.1 RC, Meteor Spotting and More

Last Week was the one of the busiest week for all the stakeholders in the Meteor Community. That’s because of the most anticipated Meteor 0.9.0 with the official packaging system. So let’s see what has happened!

Meteor Packaging System

As I said above, Meteor released version 0.9.0 last week. It is the last major milestone of the journey to Meteor 1.0. Here are some of the key resources you’d love to see.

Meteor 0.9.1 RC

Even thought Meteor 0.9.0 is still new, there is a RC for Meteor 0.9.1 as well. It comes with following key changes.

  • Support for Meteor Developer Account Organizations
  • Deps renamed as Tracker
  • Some Changes to the Blaze (mostly documentation)

Meteor Spotting

Meteor Spotting is a fun and creative way to discover new Meteor sites without much effort. Just install a chrome extension and keep browsing websites. When you are landed into a new Meteor site, it will identify that and track it.

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