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Meteor.js - A web framework for everyone

First of all, I want to mention that no solution works everywhere. That doesn’t change with Meteor even. It is, though, a general purpose web framework built for everyone, regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or a super duper ninja.


Meteor for absolute beginners

You might have no prior experience in web development, but if you want to building an app based on your other expertise, like in mathematics or chemistry, then Meteor is the best framework for you. You can build your app without worrying too much about the technology behind it. Books like DiscoverMeteor will help you to jump-start the development.

Alice’s Rubic app is a good example of this. She is a community manager of Meteor and she had no previous web development experience. With some help from a co-worker, she built this Rubic app. Watch this video where she talks about her experience. It’s inspiring.

Meteor for front-end developers

If you are a front-end developer and struggling to build a web app with Node (or a similar framework), Meteor is the answer for you. With Meteor’s template engine (aka Blaze) and it’s super simple APIs you can build your app very easily in less time.

Sacha is a success story. He is a top-notch designer, who worked for companies like RubyMotion & Hipmunk. He has never written a Node app before. But now he is managing one of most popular Meteor apps, Telescope, and he is the co-author of the DiscoverMeteor book I mentioned above.

Another example is Marc’s RalphChat. It’s a mobile and web chat app and this was Marc’s first attempt with Meteor.

Meteor for Node and JavaScript ninjas

If you a ninja with a lot of experience with Node and JavaScript, Meteor is also a framework for you.

You can change any part of your Meteor app as you want. You can define a custom-build system or change its real-time behavior. Meteor comes with very good public and internal APIs where you can customize as you please.

For an example, I have written an alternative real-time Mongo connector for Meteor, a fast page-loading system, NPM integration and many other projects. There are many people in the Meteor community who are building amazing packages and solutions. You too can do marvelous stuff with this framework.

Amazing core team

Meteor has an amazing core team, comprising superstar engineers who worked or studied for Google, MIT and Asana. They are brilliant and work very closely with the community. If you look at the GitHub commit log, you will see how active they are.

Meteor has an amazing community too

Meteor’s community may not be the biggest and the greatest. But it has an amazing set of people from all over the world. One of the good things about the Meteor community is that we are like a family and like to help each other. There is no politics or bullshit.

This is the right time to join the Meteor movement. Meteor will not be the next PHP or RoR but it will become something bigger and the first of its kind.