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Meteor Hackathon, Meteor Devshop June SF, Packaging Preview and More

Meteor Hackathon

This year’s Meteor Hackathon is scheduled on July 26-27, 2014 at Meteor HQ. Anyone can participate and you need to apply before July 2nd. This will be an amazing experience and MDG welcomes any kind of project whether it’s a core hack or an app for cat lovers.

Meteor Devshop June SF

Meteor hosted Devshop June SF last week and it was packed with some exciting talks including an introduction to velocity – Meteor’s community powered test runner.

Here’s a list of all the talks which were presented at the Devshop.

Meteor Packaging Preview

Finally, now we can try out Meteor’s new packaging system. It’s something similar to meteorite but baked into meteor itself and comes with a better dependancy management system. With this new packaging system, we can distribute our own Meteor releases as well. That’s something amazing.

Refer this getting started guide and play with the new packaging system. Don’t forget to share your experience and learn from others.

Meteor Explained

For some developers, Meteor is a superb framework, which they use to build awesome apps like LookBack, Respondly and Streem. But for some, it’s like magic. Especially how Meteor makes MongoDB reactive in real time.

But actually Meteor is a combination of carefully crafted technologies built into a single framework. It’s extensible and very easy to use. You can read this MeteorHacks article to learn more about Meteor Internals.

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