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Meteor for Windows, UI frameworks for Meteor and More

Meteor for Window Preview

Windows support for Meteor is very crucial since it opens the door for a lot of new developers to try out Meteor; especially in enterprise. Now we have a preview version of Meteor for Windows. It’s not perfect yet but it’s a good starting point.

Give it a try and report if there are some issues. Here are some links you need to follow:

UI frameworks for Meteor

Blaze is Meteor’s UI framework and it’s working very well for most of our apps. But some developers looking to use other frameworks like Angular with Meteor. With such integrations, developers can migrate their existing apps into Meteor very easily.

Although there is no official way to do this, community is very interested and helpful on this topic. There are some integrations with angular and some new frameworks/standards like Polymer. Here are some of them:

BulletProof Meteor

We’ve recently launched BulletProof Meteor, which is a new Meteor course you can follow online. It’s consists of crucial lessons you need to think about when building a production quality Meteor app.

There is a free section shows you how to improve the performance of your app by using few simple techniques. After that, it has lessons for database modeling and architectural design patterns based on Meteor.

Give it a try and make your Meteor app Fast and Efficient.

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