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Meteor Day Videos, Direct File Upload, Fast Render 2.0 & More

Meteor Day Videos

Now we’ve Meteor Day videos available online. Here are they:

Direct File Uploads

Image and File uploading is one of the key tasks in our apps. With Meteor, you have a few options to do that. But with most of those solutions, you need to first send the file to the Meteor app. Then Meteor app will upload it into the destination.(s3, google, etc).

But now, we’ve a very interesting project called slingshot, which directly upload the file from the client to the destination securely. It support s3 and google cloud at the moment. It also have cool features like progress bars and image previewing while uploading.

Learn more about the project:

Fast Render 2.0

Fast Render is a way to improve the initial load time of your Meteor app.

This week, we’ve released Fast Render 2.0. It comes with a lot of stability improvements and it has been tightly integrated into Meteor. As a result of this, now Fast Render doesn’t need to patch Iron Router on the client side.

We’ve removed couple of unused APIs. We’ve also implemented a built-in debugger, which helps you to test and debug how Fast Render works with your app.

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