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2014 Meteor Challenge, Meteor 0.8.2, Devshop London and More

2014 Meteor Challenge

Meteor Challenge is a fund raising programme which helps children to get started with programming. This is how it works.

  • Challenge is for this week starting June 23rd
  • Meteor Challenge sponsors will donate $5 for each new GitHub star
  • Challenge is to raise $25,000 by end of this week

All you’ve to do is, star Github and share the news with your friends. Read More.

Meteor 0.8.2

Meteor 0.8.2 just got released today and it comes with one of the major change to the meteor core. Meteor uses SRP based login system from the very first day when it released accounts-passwords package.

But now, Meteor uses popular bcrypt algorithm based solution instead of SRP. Upgrade is seamless for your production app. But once upgraded, you can’t downgrade it.

0.8.2 also comes with a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

Meteor Devshop London June

Meteor Devshop London June packed with few cool demos and apps built with Meteor. Which includes lookback – which is a recently funded startup.

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