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Meteor 0.9.4, FathomDB acquisition, Meteor Nordic and More

Meteor 0.9.4

As we’ve anticipated now we’ve Meteor 0.9.4 and it comes with a lot of performance and usability improvements to Meteor. You can learn more about them here.

Most importantly, this is the final 0.x version and next release is 1.0 - Yeah! (I hope there won’t be any more new additions to 1.0 from here)

Meteor & FathomDB

Meteor recently acquired a database startup called FathomDB. It seems like Meteor is trying to powerup it’s database support. We’ve no idea what will be the outcome of this acquisition, but I strongly believe this is something related to Galaxy and additional database support for Meteor.

Learn More about this:

Nordic Meteor Meetup

There is a quite interesting meetup coming up on 15th October and it’ll be a one of the major Meteor events before the official MeteorDay. Don’t forget to tune up and watch this online, it’ll be great.

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