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Logging Support for Meteor with Winston

Logging is a one of the best practices to follow if you are trying to build any kind of production quality application. When it’s come to Meteor, there is no official logging framework exists yet. And it is quite okay since it has a good package handling system, so we can always use some third party packages for requirements like this.

When I search about logging for meteor, the most popular one seems to be observatory. It is something specially build for meteor, and it has a nice GUI.

But I didn’t like its approach and I prefer of having a traditional logging framework. And I wouldn’t like to build something my own either. Finally I decided to go with winston; a popular nodejs logging module.

Why I choose winston

These are my requirements.

  • I simply need to track some events on the server side
  • I don’t want to process or view logs inside the app
  • I prefer integrating with a cloud service like papertrail or loggly for analyzing logs

And winston was the perfect match for this

  • It has all the requirements I need
  • It has transports for several log processing services and tools
  • It is widely used and mature

How I used winston with Meteor

It is quite simple. All I had to do is to install npm smart package from the atmosphere and just define the dependencies.

So after I’ve added npm package, I created packages.json file and specify dependencies as below

  "winston": "0.7.2"

I wanted to log users when get connected and disconnected from the meteor app. Here is how I achieve that with winston. > This is not the actual requirement(s), but used only for demonstration purpose

if(Meteor.isServer) {
  //creating a global server logger
  logger = Meteor.require('winston');

  Meteor.publish('user', function() {
    var userId = this.userId;
    logger.info('user connected', {userId: userId});

    this.onStop(function() {
      logger.info('user disconnected', {userId: userId});

if(Meteor.isClient) {

So, when a user get connected or disconnected, it simply does a nice console output like below.

Logging Support for Meteor

Extending Winston

Simply printing messages to the console is not actually what I wanted. I wanted send these logs to some log processing service(winston treat these as a transport) and analyze my logs there.

Fortunately winston has a ton of different transport methods, including mongo, riak and hosted solutions like papertrail and loggly.

Using them also so simple with meteor. Just simply define transport module using packages.json and use it.

let me show you how I used papertrail transport for winston.

Define winston-papertrail in packages.json as shown below

  "winston": "0.7.2",
  "winston-papertrail": "0.1.4"

Add papertrail transport for winston

var Papertrail = Meteor.require('winston-papertrail').Papertrail;
logger.add(Papertrail, {
  host: "logs.papertrailapp.com",
  port: 20670, //this will be change from the papertrail account to account
  logFormat: function(level, message) {
      return '[' + level + '] ' + message;
  inlineMeta: true

That’s it. Now I can see my logs in papertrail(in realtime) without any hassle :)

Meteor Logs showing in Papertrail

So give it a try for your app. I’m sure you are gonna like it.

I’ve no any affiliation with papertrail except for using them for several apps. It is the easiest and the coolest log processing service I could have found. But it is also quite expensive compared with others.