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Kadira, Blaze Hooks and More


I was too busy on the last weekend so I was not able to publish Meteor Weekly on monday. So, this episode covers both last week and this week. There won’t be a Meteor Weekly on next monday(June 9th). But Meteor Weekly will be continued as usual after that.


Kadira, our Performance Monitoring Solution for Meteor was released to the public this week. Now you can try out Kadira at It helps you to find out performance issues on your app and help you to fix them.

Accessing Dom Changes with Blaze Hooks

Although, blaze comes with a lot improvements, for some apps it was causing issues. For an example, there was no way to detect DOM changes after the template has been rendered. Last month, Meteor has started a Hackpad discussion which lists those kind of issues and finding solutions to fix them.

Now, Meteor dev branch has a feature, which allow us to detect DOM changes inside the _rendered callback and act accordingly. This will help us to do better animations and customizations with the DOM changes.

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