Kadira - Performance Monitoring for Meteor (you should try this)

June -- a big month for us

This is June and it’s a big month for us. It’s important us for because of two reasons.

  1. June 2nd is our first anniversary
  2. Launch of Kadira

Beside that I’ve some stories to tell you, that I’ve not revealed before.

Our first anniversary

June 2nd is our first anniversary. I started MeteorHacks as a simple blog, and “Introduction to the Meteor Cluster” was my first blog post. Then I started to hack into Meteor and began working on some interesting things (not just only the well-known projects). More about that later too.

Kadira (aka: Meteor APM)

As promised, we launched Kadira on June 2nd. Kadira is a performance monitoring solution, built from the ground up, for Meteor apps. I recommend every Meteor app should use Kadira to see what’s really happening inside the app.

MeteorHacks Team

MeteorHacks was just me for the first few months. Then a couple of brilliant guys started working with me to build some awesome stuff. This is the MeteorHacks team:

Arunoda Susiripala

That’s me, and my day job is to hack Meteor and find ways to build high performance Meteor apps.

Pahan Sarathchandra

Pahan was an Android and iOS developer before joining MeteorHacks. Now he is helping me to craft beautiful Meteor apps (he wrote most of the Kadira UI) and maintain our Twitter profile.

Muhammed Thanish

Thanish is a superb NodeJS developer and a security researcher. He is helping me to hack Meteor and build awesome stuff like Kadira.

Nadee Anuththara

An artist as well as a MeteorJS developer, Nadee has helped me with the non-development stuff at MeteorHacks, which all us developers hate to do.


I mentioned earlier that we have worked on some cool stuff. CometEngine, a deployment platform for Meteor, is an example. After a while, we realized that CometEngine was a subset of Galaxy. So we stopped working on CometEngine and started Meteor APM (now Kadira) instead.

Then we created Meteor UP with some of the CometEngine tooling. We wanted to provide a reliable way of deploying Meteor apps for our early CometEngine users until Galaxy available for public. I’m really thrilled to see that Meteor UP is currently one of the best ways of deploying Meteor apps.


There won’t be any changes to what we are already doing. I will be hacking into Meteor as usual, and now I have a team :)

Meteor Weekly will be massively improved and our @meteorhacks Twitter account will be a daily Meteor news source.

Our ultimate goal is to help you to develop high performance Meteor applications. So, with that goal in mind, we will be providing lots of projects, guides, and courses.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who has helped us in various ways and all the MeteorHacks readers. We are glad to be part of the great MeteorJS community and we appreciate your help toward accomplishing our goal.