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Improved Async Utilities in Meteor-NPM

Since its release a few months ago, meteor-npm has brought better integration of NPM packages into Meteor apps. The package shipped with a helper called Meteor.sync which allowed developers to use callback-style async APIs with Meteor. This is demonstrated below:

  'wait': function getGists(user) {
    var message = Meteor.sync(function(done) {
      setTimeout(function() {
        done(null, 'Hello after 1000 milliseconds');
      }, 1000);

    return message.result;

Meteor.sync worked well, and was easy to understand.

Introducing New Async Utilities

Meteor-npm now comes with an improved set of helpers for async-style programming in Meteor. They’re called Async Utilities, and they are grouped into a dedicated namespace Async:

  • Async.runSync - same as Meteor.sync
  • Async.wrap(function) - wraps a single function which can be used inside Meteor, similar to Meteor._wrapAsync
  • Async.wrap(object, methodName) - same as the above, but for an instance method of an object
  • Async.wrap(object, methodNameList) - same as the above, but supports multiple instance methods

For more information, check out the Async Utilities docs on GitHub.

With this set of utilities, it’s now even easier to use NPM modules with Meteor.

Let’s Try a Demo

Witness the power of Async Utilities in the example below:

var GithubApi = Meteor.require('github');
var github = new GithubApi({
    version: "3.0.0"

// Wrap `github.user.getFrom` and `github.user.getEmails`.
var wrappedGithubUser = Async.wrap(github.user, ['getFrom', 'getEmails']);

// Use inside Meteor.
  getProfile: function(username) {
    return wrappedGithubUser.getFrom({user: username});

  getEmails: function(username) {
    // This causes an error, since we haven't authenticated the API.
    // See how this wrapped function handles errors.
    return wrappedGithubUser.getEmails({user: username});

Async.wrap Handles Errors Better

One of the problems with Meteor._wrapAsync is that it improperly handles errors. In the above example, if Meteor._wrapAsync had been used to wrap the getEmails method, the error would have been:

Error Report by `Meteor._wrapAsync`

Async.wrap produces better error messages:

Error Report by `Async.wrap`

Updating Meteor-NPM

Using npm on Atmosphere

  • Run mrt update to get the new Async Utilities API.

Using meteor-npm on NPM

  • Run sudo npm update -g meteor-npm.
  • Run inside your project: meteor-npm

That’s all for now; go try out the new Async.wrap and share your experience!

Edited by Jon James (Head of Technology at Writebot)