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February Devshop SF, Blaze RC, Oplog Limit/Sort and More

February Devshop SF

February Devshop SF went live on 27th February and it was packed with an amazing lineup including the announcement of Blaze RC – The new UI engine for Meteor.

Main Talks

Lightning Talks

Blaze RC 0

Blaze, the much anticipated UI engine for Meteor is now available as a released candidate. That means, it is ready for general use and will be released with 0.8.

Blaze was previously known as Meteor UI and developed with the code name shark.

Oplog Limit and Sort Support

Although Meteor 0.7 comes with oplog integration, it lacks limit and sort support. Now we’ve a development release with support for limit and sort. This might be released officially with Meteor 0.8.

Discover Meteor In Your Language

Sacha & Tom started a great initiative to translate Discover Meteor as a crowdsourced project. Currently it is being translated into more than 10 languages and the spanish version is almost finished. Translated versions of Discover Meteor will be free to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

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