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Meteor Devshop SF May, JavaScript Support in Google, Meteor Manual and More

Meteor Devshop SF May

Meteor hosted Devshop SF last week and it was packed with a full of content including a talk by Meteor co-founder Geoff Schmidt.

Lightning Talks

JavaScript Support in Google

Google’s announced new search engine crawler can render JavaScript and understand dynamic pages. This is good news for Meteor since SEO was a road block for Meter. But it is unsure whether it can use WebSockets or SockJS. If that’s an issue, FastRender can be used as a cure.

In the coming weeks, Google will release a tool which helps us to understand how our webapp will be seen by the crawler.

Upcoming Meteor Manual

For most of the people, Meteor is still a magic. That’s why Meteor is working on a Manual. Now you can read a sample chapter of it on HackPad.

This won’t be a replacement for DiscoverMeteor and EventedMind, but an extension to the Meteor Documentation.

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